Technical Management

Blackhull follows a Planned Management System which is being particularly designed to optimize Safety with operating efficiency.

Monitoring & Optimizing maintenance through regular inspections and data exchange on a daily basis between the crew & Technical team which ensures all vessels are fit for this voyages.

Technical Management of ships comprises all of the sectors that maximize the efficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life. The services we provide to our clients (shipowners) are always in compliance with the requirements of industry regulators, recognised statutory bodies, the law of the proper Flag State and the places where the Vessel is required to trade.

Practice Areas


Technical management of vessels in an effective & efficient manner.​


Dedicated team for Dry-dock & ADHOC repair & Maintenance all geared up to take on every challenge.


Dry Dock planning, budgeting, execution & monitoring.


Inventory management & supply of stores and spares.

Ship Building

New Ship building supervision for Owners/Operators & Banks.

Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase inspection & performance evaluation for Owners/Operators & Banks.


Up-gradation of laid up vessel and condition assessment.

Hull Cleaning

Hull cleaning and underwater repairs.

We also always ensure that a strict approach to safety and security is maintained and we also promote a high consideration for the protection of the environment.

We constantly audit our procedures in order to ensure that the highest operating standards are maintained. These services include arranging and supervising of dry dockings and repairs, alterations and the maintenance of the Vessel to the standards agreed with the Owners, arranging the supply of necessary stores, spares, lubricating oil, other consumables used by vessels, vessel inspection, budget control and many other things without which cost-effective and profitable exploitation of the vessel is simply impossible.