Consultancy Services

Blackhull’s vision drivers come with versatile experience to serve the clients with absolute satisfaction. Some niche areas of expertise are as under :

1- Pre-Purchase inspection for Owners & Banks.
2- Project costing and budget allocation.
3- Pre vetting/CDI/IMCA inspections.
4- New Building & Site supervision.
5- Major repairs and conversion.
6- Offshore marine operations.
7- Marine Education (Tie with Maritime Institutes).
8- Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements Services.

In today’s era of high customer expectations, businesses naturally aspire to the highest levels of service, from order confirmation to guaranteed delivery dates. At the same time, it’s imperative that they develop the ability to secure business continuity—to anticipate and mitigate possible supply chain disruptions, both local and global, that can range from political to environmental to economic and can seriously disrupt operations without warning.

Yes, most companies have invested in sophisticated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems within the confines of their own organization; and many have gone further, expanding to include point-to-point connections with external partners. But if businesses are to succeed in both quality customer service and business continuity, they must take a new approach to supply chain management—specifically, the ability to orchestrate suppliers, assemblers, and distributors to a level of accuracy unheard of just a few years ago. Achieving that requires a shift to a singular view of goods and services among all entities that touch the supply chain.

Blackhull Maritime offers a wide range of marine consultancy services to the oil rig & gas and maritime industries. Our mariners have many years of experience associated with drilling rigs and offshore vessels. We aim to assist our clients in finding practical solutions to their marine operations and projects and / or protect their interests when sub-contracting or making asset investments.

we offer :

  • Provision of Towmasters and Rigmovers
  • Provision of Marine Advisors
  • Dry transportation consultancy and operations
  • Vessel inspections
  • Rules & Regulations compliance
  • Inclining experiments
  • Pilotage operations
  • Rig move procedures
  • Suitability surveys
  • Pre-charter audits / surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Bollard pull certification
  • Drafting and review of offshore project related procedures
  • Mooring patterns
  • Anchor handling procedures
  • Witnessing equipment trials and tests
  • DP inspections and audits